eSudoku - Donate

Due to recent user numbers and facebook security running eSudoku has become quite expensive.
Because of this we are asking for donations of any amount from people who enjoy playing the game.

If you would like to help out please fill in the form below, we thank you very much for your consideration.


Thank you very much to the following individuals who have already donated

  • Gregory Athens
  • Terry Seeno
  • David Ho
  • Wael Otaibi
  • Nori Abakah
  • Terry Seeno
  • David Nipper
  • Peggy Ratcliff
  • Gregory Athens
  • David Nipper
  • Anonymous Geezer
  • Stefan Fuermeier
  • Frederic Mazzanti
  • Paula Shelby
  • B Gowland
  • Yoong Julie
  • Andrew Williams

We really appreciate the help of our donor - without their support eSudoku could not continue...